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Lot 23 Crisp Mountain Finishes

Lot 23 Crisp Mountain is in the finishing up stage and only has the cleaning left to be finished. It should have a new owner by the end of the week.

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Lot 97 Crisp Mountain - Sheetrock

Lot 97 Crisp Mountain is in the sheetrock stage and should begin getting finishing touches soon.

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Lot 97 Crisp Mountain Framing

Lot 97 Crisp Mountain is in the framing stages and moving right along to looking like a chalet!!

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Lot 23 Crisp Mountain Exterior Finished

Lot 23 Crisp Mountain has the siding and roof on and is in the sheetrock stage. The setting of the home is absolutely beautiful.

Lot 23 CM Exterior


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Lot 23 Crisp Mountain Footers

New construction has begun on Lot 23 Crisp Mountain.


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Lot 97 Crisp Mountain

Lot 97 Crisp Mountain grading work and foundation has been started.


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LSK House is coming along

  LSK house has been framed in and has the siding .



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